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Commercial Leases are the beginning of long term relationships and demand skilled, experienced counsel for both landlord and tenant.

These matters require prompt attention with often complex issues and properties and Paul manages to work well other attorneys and brokers in order to achieve the important goal, the signing of a lease agreement in an amicable setting while maximizing and protecting your rights and legal remedies. Negotiating aggressively on your behalf, your attorney needs to be meticulous and diligent in obtaining lease terms in your favor covering a wide variety of contingencies, risks and responsibilities with significant financial consequences.  


Paul has a close working relationship with a law firm with offices in Manhattan that has expertise in large commercial property transactions and lease restructuring, and upscale residential apartments and buildings.


It is critical to speak with your attorney in residential and commercial transactions before you sign or affirm a Binder or Letter of Intent.

Unfortunately not all landlord/tenant relationships end amicably, sometimes eviction proceedings are necessary


Lease Agreements for Commercial Property



Residential & Commerical Evictions

Paul helps residential landlords, often with added pressure of rental apartments in two family homes occupied by both landlord and tenant, or complex and tense business situations, in achieving expeditious results and in minimizing the loss in bad scenarios by gaining possession of homes, apartments, and commercial space as soon as possible. We make every effort to recover on money judgments.


While most of his client’s cases are in Huntington area, Paul has appeared in District Courts throughout Suffolk and Nassau counties. There is a growing number of attorneys that refer these matters to Paul as they have the utmost confidence in his ability to assist their clients. Through a network of attorneys and law firms that we work with, we are able to refer competent counsel for landlord and tenants in the five boroughs of New York City.    

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